We are New Mexico’s only nonprofit (501(c)3) CPA firm. We provide professional financial management and administrative services exclusively within the nonprofit sector.

We are experienced, talented and passionate about helping nonprofits succeed.


Services we provide include:

Accounting and Administrative Services

  •       Payroll
  •       Accounts receivable and payable
  •       Reconciliations
  •       Financial statements and reporting
  •       Budgeting advice and variance analysis
  •       Grant accounting and reporting
  •       Annual W2’s, 1099’s and Secretary of State reports
  •       Audit facilitation

Human Resources

Nonprofit organizations find managing their human resources one of their their biggest challenges.  Today’s legal environment for human resources is complex and can place an employer at considerable risk if personnel policies are not professionally designed and consistently applied.

​Our HR expert can provide you with professional guidance in policy development  and administration, employee performance assessment and development tools, and assistance with other personnel matters.


Our team-based approach removes vulnerabilities that can put nonprofits at risk

When there is no staff turnstile and data and knowledge is accessible, stored and protected, organizations are able to achieve accurate reporting, informed decision-making, and compliance with regulatory bodies.

Our rates are affordable (we are a nonprofit, too)

Because of our nonprofit status and our service model and mission, our rates are generally below those of private sector accounting  firms. Through partnerships with the funding community, grant funding may be available to support upfront systems design and data conversion costs, as you move your accounting records into our cloud-based accounting environment.

We have unique expertise

Instead of one person trying to do everything, NPBOR offers clients personnel at all levels, from data entry/bookkeeping through to CFO.  Plus, all of our staff are nonprofit accounting specialists, this is all we do. No more explaining fund accounting and grant restrictions to junior accounting staff.

Access information and services from anywhere

Our powerful, web-based Abila MIP fund-accounting software allows us to access your database from anywhere with an Internet connection, making our services accessible to both rural and urban locations throughout New Mexico.


Have a question about Nonprofit Back Office Resources? Want more information on what we offer? Would you like to schedule an appointment to discuss a needs assessment?

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